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Our business owners say it best themselves.

They come from all kinds of backgrounds, but have one thing in common: they want to invest in their future.

"We've already drummed up about 5 or 6 jobs that are waiting for us as soon as we come home."

Watch Max & Violet's story:

FlastForce Testimonial

"Between yesterday and today, I closed another 5 deals, ranging anywhere from $800–$10,000. The business is everywhere. My problem is keeping up with all the business."

Patrick G, Business Owner

"I’m not having to write a check for 10% at the end of each month. Trust me, that gets expensive. The support is here, without [the franchise fees.]"

See why this former franchise owner switched to Dustless Blasting:

DB is Better than a Franchise

"I'm blasting things like they owe me money. And I'm having fun! And the way this stuff is self contained — it just dropped right to the ground. No plumes of dust anywhere. "

Bobby K, Business Owner

This opportunity has created so many success stories, we couldn't possibly share them all. 


"I've already got jobs lined up and I haven't even gotten home yet!"

— Lorne A.


"This is a product that sells itself."

— Mike D.


"I feel like it is a family — a support system where people truly want you to succeed."

— Patrick M.


“We finished 800 square feet in about an hour and a half”

— Baldemar M.

All these people felt that they didn't fit in at a full-time job, working for someone else.

Rather than giving up, they chose to take control of their future through entrepreneurship.
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